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Baldy Behaved Mixes (2024 update)

Note to the world: all my latest 'mixes' exist only in Spotify playlists. Apologies to my 50 or so lifetime fans, who won't read this blog anyway. I'm talking to myself here.

I've not been in the habit of trawling through my mind & CD collection for musical memories for over 10 years. Even then, I'd always 'cheated' at the mixing part, never 'mixing' on the fly, but always using SoundForge & plugins to blend stuff pretty haphazardly, occasionally finding my own sense of wonderment, and once ruining an entire mix by trying to be clever with levelling... so who cares about that, let's just get the good/niche/weird/classic/eclectic tunes on shall we? Mixing was never my forte, and DJs will do that better than I ever could.

Spotify is very convenient for this purpose, easy to compile and share a playlist, but there's no real mixing or blending capability, unless you're lucky and it picks up common tempo throughout, and then it's pretty cool how it auto-mixes.

Frankly, streaming services aren't in business to fairly compensate artists, but neither was the industry that produced physical media, and neither is recording a mix onto CDs or cassette and posting it out to friends. There is virtually no artist compensation for propping up these MP3s and FLACs on my hosted pages... a takedown order would be incredibly petty, but it's possible... the whole point of me doing this blog & mixes was so that others are able to discover weird, rare, but good music, and then seek out more of it.

So yeah, now you can go explore the amazing music you just discovered, directly in Spotify, or if that sickens you, just take it over to your preferred choice of 2020s streaming music artist ripoff platform and explore there. I won't judge. Please, support the artists you love directly, if you can. Gigs, Bandcamp, send them raw cash, spread the word, etc. (I may look to switch all my click links across to ethical platforms like Bandcamp, wherever I can, but it is a lot of admin. I probably need to use AI for it. Guidance welcomed.)

Long story short, I lost all my web content during a migration to free hosting at GoDaddy, whoops, but thanks to the wonderful internet I got most of it back.

Baldy Behaved Vol.1: Eat Shit And Fucking Die You Fucking No-Good Shit-Eating Fuckhead

Soundtrack to the beginning of the universe

Originally posted in Baldy Behaved Mixes on 3rd November 2004 by baldmosher™

Baldy Behaved Vol.1 Cover

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  1. Swans – Love Will Save You White Light from the Mouth of Infinity
  2. Foetus – Mighty Whity Gash
  3. The Young Gods – Kissing The Sun Only Heaven
  4. Techno Animal – Megaton Megaton
  5. The Future Sound Of London – We Have Explosive (7″ edit) We Have Explosive (CD 2)
  6. Cristian Vogel – Whipaspank (Cylob mix) Whipaspank
  7. Download – Cunning III
  8. Aphex Twin – Elephant Song Analogue Bubblebath 4
  9. Bjork – You’ve Been Flirting Again Post
  10. Squarepusher – Do You Know Squarepusher Do You Know Squarepusher
  11. Talvin Singh – Sutrix Ok
  12. Dälek – Classical Homicide Megaton
  13. Busta Rhymes – A Trip Out Of Town Anarchy

This mix was eventually created for two reasons: firstly, salvyria complained that I never made her a CD; secondly, the first prostheta.com forum CD trade came around, so I had to make one. I numbered the CDs individually, but not only that, issued them with personalised cover images; no two inlays are the same.

I set the scene for the Baldy Behaved series from the outset… Rule one: keep your sense of humour, even if it’s ironic. Rule two: don’t plan anything, let the tracklist grow naturally. Rule three: make sure you want to play it again. This one’s only short, but it’s sweet. I don’t recall where the title came from but it just seemed to fit nicely.

Baldy Behaved Vol.2: It's Not About Religion

Exploring the depths of sound

Originally posted in Baldy Behaved Mixes on 4th November 2005 by baldmosher™

Baldy Behaved Vol.2 Cover

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  1. Cardiacs – Eden On The Air Sing to God parts 1 & 2
  2. Devin Townsend – War (baldmosher edit) Infinity
  3. Strapping Young Lad – Home Nucleonics City
  4. Anaal Nathrakh – Pandemonic Hyperblast Codex Necro
  5. Cubanate – Hinterland Interference
  6. Alec Empire – Fire Bombing The Destroyer
  7. Ultraviolence – Still Killing God
  8. DJ Scud & I Sound – Short Sharp Shock Mortal Clash
  9. Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod Psalm 69
  10. Rammstein – Klavier Sehnsucht
  11. Nine Inch Nails – At The Heart Of It All (created by the Aphex Twin) Further Down the Spiral
  12. Tomandandy – Red Drugs (baldmosher edit) Killing Zoe
  13. Björk – There’s More To Life Than This (Recorded live at the Milk Bar toilets) Debut
  14. Freq Nasty – Goose (dub) (baldmosher edit) Pure Garage Vol.4
  15. Blame – Music Takes You (BLIM Remix) Music Takes You: Remixes
  16. Devin Townsend – Life Is All Dynamics Infinity
  17. Devin Townsend – Unity Infinity

There wasn’t any Dev on the last CD and I felt a bit guilty about that. So I had my opening two tracks; I had my closing two; the middle bit I wasn’t sure about. So I just fucked with it. A lot. With more undulations than a fat woman with massive tits being wobbled on a water bed on the moon, this one’s a lot more abrasive, but leaves a lovely smooth surface ready for priming.

Baldy Behaved Special G.Y.M. Edition

for Salvyria

Originally posted in Baldy Behaved Mixes on 4th September 2006 by baldmosher™

Baldy Behaved Special G.Y.M. Edition Cover

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  1. Deftones – Bored Adrenaline
  2. 3 Colours Red – Halfway Up The Downs Pure
  3. Rage Against The Machine – People Of The Sun Evil Empire
  4. Big Dumb Face – Fightin’ Stance Duke Lion Fights the Terror
  5. DVDA – What Would Brian Boytano Do South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
  6. Sepultura – Refuse Resist Chaos Ad
  7. S.O.D. – Celtic Frosted Flakes Bigger Than the Devil
  8. Pitchshifter – Subject to Status www.pitchshifter.com
  9. Rammstein – Sehnsucht Sehnsucht
  10. Big Dumb Face – Blood Red Head Duke Lion Fights the Terror
  11. Subversion – Murder Most Foul Foul EP (unavailable)
  12. Lard – Sylvestre Matuschka The Last Temptation of Reid
  13. Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia Holiday in Cambodia
  14. Cardiacs – Dog-Like Sparky Sing to God parts 1 & 2
  15. Blur – Parklife Parklife
  16. The Wannadies – Someone Somewhere Bagsy Me
  17. James – Just Like Fred Astaire Millionaires
  18. dEUS – Little Arithmetics In a Bar Under the Sea
  19. The Young Gods – Lointaine Only Heaven
  20. Mr. Bungle – Sweet Charity California
  21. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – I Wanna Be Just Like You This Beautiful Life
  22. Apocalyptica – Domination Inquisition Symphony

Salvyria wanted me to make her a CD to go to the gym. Cover inspiration came, of course, from Dodgeball, and making it as homoerotic as possible. (Anybody remember Rainbow Brite? I did.)

Baldy Behaved Special MFR Edition

for Kirkz

Originally posted in Baldy Behaved Mixes on 4th February 2007 by baldmosher™

Baldy Behaved Special MFR Edition Cover

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  1. Skinny Puppy – Film Remission
  2. Ministry – Reload Filth Pig
  3. Leech Woman – Fedrill Three3Zero
  4. Foetus – Take It Outside Godboy Gash
  5. 16 Volt – I Fail Truth Super Cool Nothing
  6. Static-X – I’m with Stupid Wisconsin Death Trip
  7. SYL – Relentless SYL
  8. Lard – Forkboy The Last Temptation of Reid
  10. Cubanate – Come Alive Barbarossa
  11. Fear Factory – T-1000 (H-K) Remanufacture
  12. Ultraviolence – Masochist Killing God
  13. Hypnoskull – City Beat Ffwd>Burnout!
  14. Hypnoskull – The Self Detonation Device Panik Mekanik
  15. Venetian Snares – Winnipeg Is A Dogshit Dildo Winnipeg Is a Frozen Shithole
  16. Mouse On Mars – Distroia Niun Niggung
  17. Download – Lenge T’agn Sidewinder E.P.
  18. Download – Zonk Lift Subconscious: Paradigm Shift
  19. Sonovac – I Don’t Want Nobody Else But You Raw
  20. Front Line Assembly – Prophecy FLAvour of the Weak
  21. Red Harvest – Dead Cold Dark Matter
  22. Battery – The Road Aftermath

Kirkz heard the G.Y.M. edition and made some passing remark about liking Dead Kennedys. I pointed out the link to Lard, and he made the foolish suggestion that I should make him an “industrial” mix CD. What he possibly didn’t bank on was just how much like being stuck in a large factory I would make it sound. I love every second of this CD but it’s bloody hard going if you don’t see the funny side. Play it loud, and you enter a whole different realm of aural abuse.

Baldy Behaved Vol.3: It's About Peace and Coercion

Chilled explorations and hidden truths

Originally posted in Baldy Behaved Mixes on 4th September 2007 by baldmosher™

Baldy Behaved Vol.3 Cover

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  1. dEUS – Sister Dew The Ideal Crash
  2. Recoil – Jezebel Liquid
  3. Propellerheads – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (baldmosher intro edit) Decksandrumsandrockaroll
  4. Apocalyptica – Until It Sleeps Cult
  5. Bjork – Joga Homogenic
  6. Aim – Cold Water Music Cold Water Music
  7. Mika – My 3.35 Mika
  8. Boards Of Canada – Julie And Candy Geogaddi
  9. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker Windowlicker
  10. The Streets – Has It Come To This Original Pirate Material
  11. Super Collider – It Won’t Be Long Head on
  12. Future Sound Of London – Flak Lifeforms
  13. Jackson And His Computer Band – Arpeggio Smash
  14. C-Tec – I Die Tomorrow Cut
  15. Inhaler – 340 kg of rock (remix) Metal Inferno
  16. Cylob – Smash Up The Pram Lobster Tracks
  17. Boards Of Canada – Gyroscope Geogaddi
  18. Deftones – Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) Around the Fur

You can blame Purplehazer for this. It was her suggestion to make a chilled-out third edition to “complete the opus” and it seemed like a good idea, so I did, hence the name, which makes the first three titles read like a philosophy. To be honest, this has very little to do with coercion, but then my tracklists rarely do follow the titles. The links, as ever, are with the inlays. What I didn’t envisage was the almost three years it’d take me to finish it. In the meantime I had to do two “special editions”, which didn’t really follow the BB ethos anyway, so I guess it all worked out ok in the end. At some point I’ll do a proper 3-hour chillout mix, cos I struggled to fit everything I wanted to use into two hours, let alone into 80 minutes, and I’ve still got a lengthy wish list.

Baldy Behaved Special TAXI! Edition

for Cabby

Originally posted in Baldy Behaved Mixes on 4th December 2007 by baldmosher™

Baldy Behaved Special TAXI! Edition Cover

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  1. Green Day – Panic Song Insomniac
  2. Supergrass – Richard III Supergrass is 10 – The Best of 1994-2004
  3. Life of Agony – Weeds Soul Searching Sun
  4. Electric Six – Gay Bar Fire
  5. Junkie XL – Billy Club Saturday Teenage Kick
  6. Gravity Kills – Inside Gravity Kills
  7. 16 Volt – Happy Pill Super Cool Nothing
  8. Senser – Adrenalin Asylum
  9. Fear Factory – Cars (Numanoid Mix) Hatefiles
  10. Type O Negative – My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend October Rust
  11. Faith No More – Stripsearch Album of the Year
  12. VAST – Touched Visual Audio Sensory Theatre [Us Import]
  13. Blameless – Don’t Say You’re Sorry Signs Are All There
  14. Pearl Jam – Given To Fly Yield
  15. Metallica – Wasting My Hate Load
  16. Limp Bizkit – My Generation Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water: Special UK Edition
  17. Killing Joke – Savage Freedom Democracy
  18. Rage Against The Machine – Snakecharmer Evil Empire
  19. Strapping Young Lad – Two Weeks Alien
  20. And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Mistakes & Regrets Madonna
  21. The Wildhearts – Urge Endless Nameless

Cabby heard the G.Y.M. edition and said I should “put some Type O on the next one”. Not a massive fan of them but they conjure fond memories of laughing at sweaty goths in rock clubs so it seemed a good enough reason to make another rock compilation. Nothing too heavy, and no instrumentals; it’s a collection of good songs. In the end, the Type O track sat dead centre, so for the first time I’ve built a CD outwards from the middle.

Baldy Behaved Special Unclean/DY Edition

for Uncle Andy

Originally posted in Baldy Behaved Mixes on 2nd February 2009 by baldmosher™

Baldy Behaved Special Unclean/DY Edition Cover

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  1. Arthur Conley – Sweet Soul Music
  2. Jackson 5 – I Want You Back
  3. Cliff Richard – Summer Holiday
  4. The Beatles – Birthday
  5. Stevie Wonder – Uptight (Everything’s Alright)
  6. Oasis – Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
  7. Motley Crue – Girls Girls Girls
  8. Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild
  9. The Holloways – Generator
  10. The Pigeon Detectives – Take Her Back
  11. Dire Straits – Romeo and Juliet
  12. Louis Armstrong – We Have All The Time In The World

The set list was put together with help from Ste as a present for Andy’s birthday. I finally made the CD almost exactly a year later and gave it to him on his birthday. He didn’t even register that it was made specifically for him, until later that week, as he was a bit preoccupied with a large ring that was in his pocket at the time….

Baldy Behaved Special Plank Edition

for Plank

Originally posted in Baldy Behaved Mixes on 1st August 2009 by baldmohser™

Baldy Behaved Special Plank Edition Cover

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  1. The Five Blind Boys of Alabama – Standing by the Bedside
  2. Bodycount – Copkiller
  3. Rico – Shave Your Head
  4. Beastie Boys – Sabotage
  5. DJ Danger Mouse – 99 Problems
  6. Senser – Age Of Panic
  7. Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade
  8. Deftones – Engine No. 9
  9. Marilyn Manson – Rock Is Dead
  10. Rotator – Shock Fight Fist
  11. Marduk – Christraping Black Metal
  12. Tenacious D – Wonderboy
  13. DJ Nuh – Chunkbubble
  14. Züri West – Johnny & Mary
  15. Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode
  16. Cardiacs – Fiery Gun Hand
  17. Current Value – Tunnel Vision (Donny remix)
  18. Current Value – Dark Rain

My DJ set, more or less, as played at Plank’s birthday bash at Baa Bar in Fallowfield, summer 2009. I got complaints from Ruari for not being “savage enough” so I accelerated that, unfortunately he’d left by the time Rotator came on. Then Plank started complaining about the lack of repetitive dance music so I threw on some Current Value at the end as requested. The sound wasn’t loud enough to do it justice, but it was more sensible than the last party when I finished with a Captain Yudlugar track.

Baldy Behaved Vol.4: Dark Phase

Dark/hard drum & bass and skullstep mix

Originally posted in Baldy Behaved Mixes on 4th September 2009 by baldmosher™

Baldy Behaved Vol.4 Cover

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  1. The Panacea – Power Of Darkness
  2. Audio – Missing
  3. BSE – Boris The Blade (Optiv Remix)
  4. Evol Intent – Era Of Diversion
  5. Cooh – Dead Rock
  6. BSE – The Cooler
  7. Cooh – Love In A Cage
  8. Current Value – 60,000 Thoughts
  9. Current Value – Ion Storm
  10. Counterstrike – Cut You Into Little Pieces
  11. Current Value – Tunnel Vision (Donny remix)
  12. Current Value – Unpardonable Deeds
  13. Protech – We Believe
  14. Current Value – Fear (original mix)
  15. Counterstrike & Mumblz – Sickness & Suffering (Donny remix)
  16. Current Value – Tektonik
  17. Spor – Ignition
  18. BSE – Stasis
  19. Counterstrike & The Panacea – Tinnitus
  20. Tenchu, Zool, The Sect – Antimatter (The Sect remix)
  21. Evol Intent – Middle Of The Night

My first ‘proper’ mix…. I’ve been itching to put a variation of this mix out for about a year, ever since I discovered Current Value, and started buying lots of darkstep, but I couldn’t do a mix without over half of it being Current Value. He’s just too damned good. Now I feel I’ve got a good thing going on and it’s time to unleash it on the world. More to follow I hope!

Update: I collected a shitload of darkstep, neuro and skullstep and then never actually played any of it out...

Baldy Behaved Special Mimi Edition

Uplifting stuff for Mimi

Posted in SNATCH on 18th October 2021 by baldmosher™

Baldy Behaved Special Mimi Edition Cover

Mimi asked people to send her a playlist of uplifting music. Skip forward about 3 years and I finally finished sticking them together, and sent it over to her. It wasn't all uplifting but each track carries a power of some sort.

Baldy Behaved Vol.5: Songs For Fucking

Things that make you go "unff", inspired by LMDGAF™

Posted in SNATCH on 14th May 2024 by baldmosher™

Baldy Behaved Vol.5 Cover

This was a long time in the making... a collection of tracks that might tickle my fancy in the bedroom. A mix of horny, guttural, sensual depravity. Hope you enjoy yourself to them!

Baldy Behaved Vol.6: A Dark Forest. An Apocalyptic Sunset. A Broken Dream.

Soundtrack to the end of the universe

Posted in SNATCH on 6th July 2022 by baldmosher™

Baldy Behaved Vol.6 Cover

I'd been listening to a heck of a lot of postrock since discovering Caspian through Spotify, and this is my favourite selection of tracks that sound like thundering, unstoppable punishment, plus a few extra tracks that fit with the theme.